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Press - a few snippets of press we've had...

The V.Cs - The Fly
The V.Cs - Drowned In Sound
The Headlines - Drowned In Sound
[52] Teenagers - Room Thirteen
[52] Teenagers - Rock Feedback
The Deceived - Get Ready To Rock
The Deceived - Kerrang!
The Deceived - Manchester Music
The Deceived - Various Online
The Alpha Machine - Big Cheese Magazine
The Alpha Machine - Melomanias Blog
The Mekkits! - Salford Online

The V.Cs - Promo Comic

V.Cs Promo Comic


The Mekkits! - End Of The World Blues

The Mekkits! - History

The Mekkits! - This Town

The Mekkits! - Brave Little Boy

The Alpha Machine - Shape Shifters

The Alpha Machine - When The Walls Fell

The Alpha Machine - They Take Photographs

The Deceived - Cantilever

52 Teenagers - Channel M

Neil Wright on Channel M

The V.Cs - Chuck promo for Channel 5


SFT Records 2006-2012
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Cat No: SFT950

The Mekkits!
Pompeii / Vesuvius
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Cat No: SFT327

The Alpha Machine
Easy Big Sea
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Cat No: SFT338

The Deceived
Like Flies
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Cat No: SFT264

The Deceived
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Cat No: SFT846


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