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This page is dedicated to our friend and fellow SFT owner Chris Dart.

Loving boyfriend to Beth, adored son of Carolyn and Frank and great friend to so many people (and pandas) across the world, Chris died early on May 27th 2010, 10 days after his 30th birthday.

With Lisa leaving the label last year and now Chris' sudden death, SFT Records will be a very different place but Chris will live on in our hearts and our minds forever. Make no mistake, everything we do from this point on (label or otherwise) will be dedicated to the most wonderful of our friends that left us way too soon.

Michael & Neil
SFT Records

We would like to invite all visitors to this page to consider donating to the British Heart Foundation.

Chris' girlfriend Beth wrote the following:

"We don't yet know exactly what caused Chris' sudden death, but it may have been related to a long-standing heart condition which he was recovering from after a life-changing operation in 2008.

Keeping in mind the years of happiness & higher quality of life that Chris gained thanks to heart surgery and medication, his family & I have decided that rather than receiving flowers we would like
 to make a donation to the British Heart Foundation in Chris' name."

Click here to open the Spotify playlist and feel free to add in any songs that mean something to you and Chris

On Thursday 10th June 2010 we held a Celebration of Chris' life at St. Marys Church near Sale where Chris grew up before he moved to Chorlton with the rest of the SFT family. Please feel free to watch and listen to the files below, they are from a recording made that day and the words spoken (and sung) will go some way to explaining just what this wonderful young man meant to us all.









The Luckiest



Shining Light

Closing Remarks

So many people were involved in making the day such a wonderful affair and I feel some need a mention. For their words, Jed Shepherd, Ben Holden, Tim Forrest, Neil Wright, Paula Broome and of course Beth Watson all gave wonderful speeches. For helping to get the video, slideshow and audio I am in debt to Edward Hambleton and Gavin Maunsell who gladly gave up so much time. We were lucky enough to have live music and for that we thank Neil Wright and Powell Morgan for such beautiful performances. I know these thanks are echoed by Chris' parents Frank and Carolyn and his girlfriend Beth.

As some of you may know, Chris posted on a couple of forums, click below to read some great messages left by those that knew him at

You can read my favourite messages from the Ash board here.

Also below you can read an article I (Michael) wrote for Chris, this may never get published anywhere else in it's entirety but we are grateful to the South Manchester Reporter and the Trafford Metro for quoting it and running their articles which paid tribute to Chris.

The passing of Mr MCR 

When Tony Wilson (aka Mr Manchester) passed away in 2007, the Manchester media went into overdrive to write fitting tributes to a local legend who touched the lives of all those around him and led a musical revolution in the city. Today I write about a young man who in similar fashion helped quite literally hundreds of young local musicians, he promoted gigs, was a stage manager, a band manager and all round nice guy who was always on hand to offer advice to up and coming talent in the area. 

Chris Dart was just 30 years old when he sadly passed away last week, but in his short time with us the difference he made to the local music scene should not be underestimated. He worked for mcr:music in the city centre for many years, a company with the sole purpose of promoting and encouraging raw talent. Chris organised and stage managed between 2 and 3 gigs every week, making it impossible to quantify just how many people who's lives he was a part of but one thing we are absolutely certain of is that he was adored by them all. 

A loveable character, his ability to make those around him laugh was absolutely second to none and in just a few short days since his death the number of tributes to him have been astounding; as the huge posters announcing his passing at all Hungry Pigeon venues this weekend will show. Local heroes in Manchester music Liam Frost and Dutch Uncles were quick to dedicate a song to this unsung hero (at Hungry Pigeon and The Deaf Institute respectively). Chris was a huge part of Dutch Uncles lives and they especially were quick to point out that the advice and encouragement from Chris Dart helped them get where they are today. 

Chris was also a huge part of a local independent record label and not only were the majority of bands released on the label down to his judgement but it's no word of a lie to say that the now 5 year old label would never had existed if it weren't for his input. 

An absolute legend amongst the vast majority of the Manchester music scene, his loss will be felt for a very long time and he will be remembered in this city as long as anyone could be. 

Here's to Mr MCR, we're gonna miss you. 
Michael Coates - SFT Records

Below scan courtesy of The Trafford Metro (M.E.N). A couple of points, Chris was a music promoter (not producer) and 'Mr MCR' is a posthumous title I gave to Chris. Overall it's a lovely article and I'm very grateful for it, especially as they added the justgiving link.

Pandamonium - A tribute gig in honour of Chris Dart.

Thursday 26th August

7.15 - Doors
7.25 - The Mekkits (acoustic)
7.55 - Liam Frost (solo)
8:25 - [52] Teenagers
9.05 - Dutch Uncles
10.00 - Ash

I am pleased to announce a charity gig in honour of Chris Dart. For those that didn't know Chris, I should mention his love of Pandas, he visited Pandas at zoos, he had pictures of them in his room, he wore Panda t-shirts all the time and remarkably he went to China to look after them as well.

With this in mind, some of his closest friends in the music industry are getting together to play a very special gig at Manchester Academy 3 in his honour to raise money for the sanctuary he volunteered at. The line up is quite amazing as the poster below will show.

Listen to Michael, Neil and Stuart Avery promote the gig with Caroline Boyd at All FM in Manchester.

Update - The night was a great success and raised over $2000 for the Chinese Panda sanctuary where Chris volunteered! They have since kindly sent us these pictures of the Panda bench they purchased with a tribute to Chris that reads: "In loving memory of Christopher Dart. First UK volunteer to care for Yang Yang."

Check our the videos below and enjoy the incredible performances from Pandamonium.
Filmed by Jon Brady & Chris McGrail and edited by Michael Coates.



52 Teenagers

Dutch Uncles

The Mekkits!

Liam Frost

Closing Time (Chris McGrail)

Fundraising for a memorial to Chris Dart is complete.

With a little effort and a lot of support from our local councillors we have raised enough money for a permanent tribute to our friend. The bench is located at Chorlton Green near the Horse and Jockey and the below pictures appear thanks to Adam Cooney.


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